R H A I K A's  collections are renowned for:

Elevated fit: Our garments are meticulously designed to offer a flattering silhouette, fitted to perfection to enhance femininity ensuring elevated fit, high coverage, maximum comfort & elegance.

Exclusive designs: Exclusivity is at the heart of our designs. We take pride in crafting garments that captivate with unique features, impeccable quality, and an elegant finish. Our focus is on craftsmanship, infusing each piece with special details that elevate it beyond the ordinary. We uphold the principle of exclusivity by avoiding mass production, ensuring that each design remains truly special and limited in availability.

Sustainable production: Mindful of our environmental impact, we actively manage our supply chain with a deep commitment to sustainability. This involves using eco-friendly materials such as recycled fibers and recycled packaging, implementing efficient manufacturing processes to minimize waste as well as plastic use, and adopting water-saving technologies, such as water recycling. We prioritize transparency, ensuring fair labor practices, and supporting local communities.


Acclaimed by prestigious Fashion Magazines: British Vogue & Harper's Bazaar have written about our collections attesting our brand’s excellence.

Internationally recognized: While the brand's roots were originally established in the UK during its formative years, a pivotal shift occurred in 2021 with strategic logistics restructuring, leading to the relocation of R H A I K A's operations base to the USA. This move resulted in optimized distribution systems and an expanded international presence, propelling the brand into the global arena and solidifying its standing as a brand with widespread distribution.


Born and raised in Brazil to a family of Italian heritage, Raianny moved to the UK in her 20’s. Holding a business degree with expertise in the fashion industry, she navigated the realms of London, Paris, and Milan, working for renowned European designers. This important chapter in her career would later inspire the launch of R H A I K A.


We support ethical small factories: We stand by ethically operated small factories, recognizing that exceptional quality arises from high level of craftsmanship, meticulous production, impeccable attention to detail, and happy workforce.

We support sustainable suppliers: Our commitment extends to partnering solely with suppliers renowned for their sustainable initiatives, such as water recycling, plastic and packaging recycling, reduced energy and water consumption, and minimized CO2 emissions.

Advocates of Slow Fashion and Minimal Environmental Impact: Embracing the philosophy of slow fashion, we focus on minimising our environmental footprint and advocating for mindful consumption. Our mission centers on crafting enduring, timeless, high-quality garments designed to be treasured and worn for years to come. We are steadfast in our commitment to avoid the pitfalls of fleeting fast fashion trends, and we extend this ethos to our valued customers as well.


Established in 2017 in the vibrant city of London, R H A I K A emerged under the leadership of our founder, Raianny Barbarioli, with a clear mission: to create functional collections specifically designed for the day-to-day life of fashion-forward women leading active lifestyles, navigating the demands of a multitasking routine with effortless elegance & elevated style.